Amee McDonald is a survivor with a story to tell. Although much of her story is traumatic and difficult to hear, sharing it with the world will not only help her heal, but also support those who have found themselves in a similar situation.

The goal of this project was to help guide Amee through the story telling process. As a creative consultant I assisted Amee by guiding the flow and fine tuning her story to most effectively reach her audience. Additionally, I acted as the Art Director for her slides to guide the audience through her speech. 

With a story that is so personal and evokes strong emotions, it was my goal to pull images and portray those emotion visually. I used geometric shapes throughout the presentation to portray the sharpness of the story while maintaining a sense of simplicity to avoid overwhelming the audience. Images with black and white or muted color palettes were used to evoke more raw emotion and very rarely showed the face of the subject to allow the audience to put themselves into the story. 

Upon completion of the slides, Amee shared how difficult it was for her to practice with them. She continued to explain that the images used evoked such a strong emotion that brought her story to life; almost making her feel as though she was reliving the trauma. That's when I knew we got it right.  

Amee McDonald

Creative Consulting & TEDx UMN Presentation

Creative Consultant & Art Director