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As a growing company in the Twin Cities Area, Sidewalk Dog Media (SWD) provides dog owners with a one stop shop of information for all things dog-friendly including local restaurants, upcoming events, housing, etc. Recently, the company has decided to expand into three new markets: Chicago, Madison, and Kansas City.

As a team, we were tasked with identifying a new target demographic for SWD speak to, along with recommendations as to how they can reach this audience. Our final deliverables included: a comprehensive final report highlighting our audience, research findings, campaign recommendations, and a sample campaign. Below is a summary of our recommended audience and approach. To the right you will see the final report and a sample flyer.

It was our recommendation for SWD to target empty nesters. As a result of their children leaving the house, empty nesters are left with the need of kin care, which can be described as the desire to invest in and care for something. Adopting a dog into the family is a great way to help them cope with this life transition and fill that need, but often leaves them with questions such as: "where do I go to adopt?" and "what comes next?"

That is where SWD can help! By providing a one-stop shop for information, empty nesters will feel supported by information that is catered specifically to their geographic area. They will also feel connected to their community by the frequent events hosted by SWD, leaving them to feel as though they belong to a much larger community.

To best communicate with empty nesters, we've identified six key insights to fuel campaigns and messaging. 

  1. Encourage them to embrace their new freedom, rekindle their romance, and nurture themselves. Start by highlighting local business and get-aways that are dog-friendly
  2. Ease their emotions and help erase the separation anxiety of having kids by advertising event, activities, and blogging about ways to include your dog in your daily life.
  3. Create a supportive community by hosting events or retreats for new empty nesters. Having connections with people in similar situations will help ease the transition and build loyalty.
  4. They’re looking to simplify their life and downsize their home. Help by providing resources for which condos and apartments will welcome their fur-child with open arms.
  5. Encourage them to try new things. Write blog posts highlighting new hobbies or local adventures that they can bring their dog along to. This is especially true for women.
  6. Promote local volunteer opportunities where they can give back to their new community, build connections, and meet the nurture need that they’ve been struggling with


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