MN Flames Rebrand

The MN Flames are the longest running broomball team in Minnesota (established in the 80's) and their logo looked a little dated. Which means there was no surprise when they reached out to me to conduct a full rebrand; including both a new logo and a new jersey design.

Being the longest running team in MN, not everyone was thrilled about this project. Some team members had strong ties to the old logo and didn't want to lose the original "feel" of the team. For me, the challenge was to create a fresh look for the Flames without losing the authenticity of the team.

My approach was to keep the logo simple. I wanted to create something that embodied the "MN Flames" without straying too far from the original brand brand. To the right, you will see the original "M" Flames logo, my logo redesign, and new jersey design.


MN Flames Broomball

Brand Redesign

Art Direction & Design


Original MN Flames Logo

MN Flames Rebrand

Flames Jerseys_FINAL-01.png