Brand Amee

As the Art Director assigned to Brand Amee, I was tasked with the development of the brand. This included creating the identity for the brand including logo, color scheme, and fonts.

Part of this process was to work closely with our project manager to create the voice and personality of Brand Amee. This vision will be the ground work for everything related to Brand Amee and used on social media. To do this, we created mood boards full of different textures, patterns, fonts, emotions, words, photos, and design samples which quickly developed into a living, breathing brand. 

As an extension of the brand, we were tasked with the creation of a self-healing journal. The goal of the journal is to guide users through the design thinking process and demonstrate how to apply those techniques to their personal lives to help them heal from past trauma. To the right, you will see the layout from the first prototype that will be used to continue the development of the full journal to send to publishers. 

Amee McDonald

Brand Development

Strategy, Art Direction & Design


Journal Prototype